Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Quickest Way To Grow Bigger Breasts

There are a lot of different herbs that trigger breast enlargement,
but one herb stands head and shoulders above the rest: FENUGREEK.
In fact, fenugreek is the quickest way I know to grow bigger

Fenugreek is most commonly used as a spice in Indian food, but
it's also an ancient healing herb. Fenugreek is legendary for it's
breast enlarging powers.
In his book, "The Green Pharmacy," master herbalist Dr. James A.
Duke tells the story of a woman who experienced *unintential*
breast growth after eating too many fenugreek seed sprouts. Who
wouldn't love a surprise like that?

Fenugreek triggers breast enlargement in two ways:
a.) By mimicking the effects of estrogen and b.) stimulating the
production of prolactin. Estrogen and prolactin are two powerful
breast enlarging hormones.

Why not give this wonder herb a try?
Fenugreek capsules can be purchased from any health food store for
just a few dollars. Start by taking one capsule three times per day
and increase as needed (making sure not to exceed the
manufacturer's recommended dosage).
For an even greater effect, fenugreek should be combined with an
anti-testosterone herb like saw palmetto. The key is to PROGRAM
your hormones for maximum breast growth.
Learn how to create the perfect hormonal conditions for breast
growth by downloading your instant copy of The Flat to Fem Breast
Enlargement Program

Start today and make your dream of having fully developed, feminine
breasts come true!

Best wishes,

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